Tuesday, 19 January 2016

First skirt alert!

Today I wore my first skirt, not first skirt ever, but first in terms of this challenge! 

I choose a terracotta, woollen, full circle skirt that I found in a local charity shop! It's most definitely vintage, 40's style but probably 1970's made. There are no labels or tags, even the waistband is just a loop of elastic sewn inside a fold of the woollen design. 
I adore the colour, very autumnal! I also love the fact it is a full circle meaning I can add a petticoat underneath when I fancy swooshing around all day! 

For me skirts have always felt like a challenge to wear. Being 'top heavy' aka big boobs means I have to careful what I wear as tops. Chunky, heavy knitwear is out and high neck tops can make me look matronly! Blouses and shirts end up gapping! Another issue I have with t.shirt or vest style tops is that they are often too short in the body once stretched over my boobs! I'm on an eternal quest to find quality t.shirt style tops and fine knit jumpers or twinsets! If you discover any please do share! 
My top of choice today was from Lidl!!! It's a stretch my black round neck t.shirt with three quarter sleeves and a cute zip down the back, plus a faux leather trim around the collar! At a bargain price of £5.99, I wish I'd got other colours! I love that it's also long enough to tuck into the skirt which creates a flattering look. 

I've discovered when wearing skirts I need to follow three simple rules (in order to achieve the most flattering look) 
1- team the skirt with a simple top that is fine knit or made from stretchy fabric in order to lessen the 'top heavy' bulk! 
2- Make sure any top finishes at the waist band of my skirt or tuck top in to achieve this. This helps create a smooth silhouette and nipped in waist look, so for my body shape (hourglass) this is flattering!
3- Always wear heels with a skirt. This lengthens my legs making the 'line' of my body longer again more flattering! 

Obviously these 'rules' won't apply to everyone as our body shapes vary! Have you discovered any rules that fit your body shape? 

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