Sunday, 3 January 2016

Lazy Sundays!

Sundays are my day off! Day off of hair styling and make up! Just comfy clothes! But that still includes a dress, unless of course I stay in my night dress all day! 
I've discovered that over sized jumpers teamed with thick tights (mine today were  fleeced lined!) make a perfect 'Sunday dress'. 
In order to make Sundays less about photos of me looking 'lazy' I will mix it up abit and share my #hotdressfinds #styletips and #dreamdresses. 

So today I will share a pic of a dress I love! 
This dress was made famous by Grace Kelly in Rear Window. It has been copied 1000 times over and I'd love to own a copy!! 

The biggest challenge for me, I should have known, will be uploading pics of myself onto social media. I HATE photos of myself! I'm rubbish at taking selfies! I think a 'selfie stick' might be required! Any advice for taking top notch selfies? I will also have to train up Mr K and my eldest son in taking flattering photos! 

I won't upload daily pics on this blog, maybe just my best from the week. But I do plan to share a pic daily on Instagram. So make sure you follow me on there too! Vjvintagetreasures is moi! 

Here's a pic of yesterday's dress! An old favourite from Sainsburys SS15! 

Thanks for following! Don't forget to share your Fave dresses with me! 

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