Saturday, 9 January 2016

My first wobble.........

It was always going to happen. Statistically 95% of all people who set New Years resolutions have broken them/given up by 15th January. Today was my first 'fuck this' moment! I had hoped I'd last longer before feeling this way! 
Here's what happened.....
 Number 1- The weather for the last few days has been soooooo wet and windy (this poses such a challenge for dress wearing). 
Number 2- I was having a 'what shall I wear/nothing too wear' day. 
Number 3- we were in a hurry to get out of the house, so much so the hubby and kids were already waiting in the car and I felt under a huge amount of pressure to get dressed quickly. Added to this pressure was the nagging thought that it had to be a 'great' dress- word has got out locally about my challenge and I've had afew ladies come up to me in public asking about my dress/challenge etc. Don't get me wrong I love this, their support, interest and inspiration is fab! 
I literally sat on my bed and cried surrounded by a pile of rejected dresses! 

Thoughts running through my mind- why did start this? Why did I throw away my leggings? (So glad I did as I may have weakened) Who actually cares what I wear? 

But then I remembered the whole reason I began 'The year of the dress' was to tackle moments like this! I wanted to create a wardrobe of easy to wear, feel good, 'whatever the weather' outfits. Creating that was never going to be easy! It was always going to involve tough, low points that test my resolve. 

As I was now really pushed for time (remember the kids & hubby in the car?!) so I pulled on my 80's Debenhams day dress (worn earlier in the week) and decided that rainy days only affect footwear! As long as your feet stay dry and your coat is suitable to protect from the rain, the outfit underneath can be whatever you desire! I think I've just created myself my first 'rule'- I hate rules! 
1- The weather doesn't dictate the outfit! 
I wonder if I'll discover more???

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