Thursday, 7 January 2016

Oldie but favourite.....

So today was a day of activity! Walking the dog in the rain and wind- no ones favourite job! And then swimming session with my littlest boy! Both provide individual challenges when wearing a dress! 
My frock of choice today helped me tackle my day! It is a 'bodycon' dress from H&M, part of their Autumn/winter collection 2012. An oldie, but a favourite! It is so easy to wear as it's quite thin fabric so I can add layers to keep warm. It goes well with tights and boots, heels or pumps! I've dressed it up for a night out by adding heels, sparky diamant√© jewellery and seamed tights. It also served me well during the first few months of my last pregnancy! 
Today I wore it with a purple boyfriend cardi, purple patent brogues and my cute 1940's inspired beret! 

So what's a 'bodycon' dress?

Short for 'body conscious', meaning it clings to you body highlighting your curves! For some, making you conscious, for me it made me feel super sexy! 
Written by the lovely Rose. She really documents the history of the 'bodycon' well! 

I'm not the best at keeping my clothes for more than 2 seasons but this dress is just so easy to wear (and wash) plus it has lasted really well. It's held its 'shape' and not got baggy or shrunk. The colour has lasted well too! 
Unexpectedly I always receive a lot of complements when wearing this dress as apparently it makes me look slimmer! Bonus! It's probably one of my 'top 5 dresses'! Do you have a favourite dress? Do share! 

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