Saturday, 9 January 2016

Outfit planning is a thing??!

After yesterday's wobble I decided to think about how I could be more prepared for them! Let's face it there will be more set backs I'm sure! Thoughts about getting organised ran across my mind.... How do you get more organised in terms of your clothes? After all the events, weather and your mood on the actual day play a part in the choice of the outfit don't they???? You can't plan for outfit in advance surely??? 

Well of course you can, you can do anything you want!! 

I've already outlined why I will no longer let the weather phase me when it comes to outfit choice. It really only plays a functional role in terms of temperature- cool for summer and layers for other times (here in the UK seasons are becoming a thing of the past! Our weather can be very unseasonal!) But no longer will I spend time thinking about whether dresses are suitable in the rain! 

Most of us lead such busy lives that our days, in some form or other, are planned out. For example a work or non work day, a meet with work related people or friends day etc. So in terms of what the days 'events' may be we are able to 'plan' in terms of suitable outfit. 
For me if I'm at home with the kids, being mum, doing housework etc I may choose a frock that; isn't precious to me (incase I'm spills/puked/sneezed etc on), is easy to move around in (on the floor with cars, a quick game of footie, a bounce on the trampoline etc) and can be washes easil. If I'm in the shop (meeting customers and showcasing my brand) I might choose my fave vintage frock with full petticoat! 

In terms of planning for mood...... From the challenge point of view I am doing this so that everyday I feel 'like me', so I feel feminine and 'like I made the effort'. Ultimately I want a wardrobe consisting of outfits that make me feel this way. So maybe I need a quick cull of any dresses that I know don't make me feel this way! I do think though that mood does influence your outfit choice so any planning ahead would have the caveat that 'may change due to mood'! 

After some extensive Google searching..... I discovered that outfit planning is an actual thing! In fact it's big business! There's apps and websites, books, webinars and printables!!!!! 

I found an app called 'Pureple'. It's a freebie available from the App Store. It allows you to photograph every item of clothing you own, including accessories, jewellery and shoes! I'm not going to lie this task is a huge one but may be worth it in the end! Also taking the time to photograph all of your clothing is a good way to 'declutter' your wardrobe! 
Once you have your entire wardrobe logged in the app, which allows you to store in sections of clothing items, you can use the photos to plan your outfits. 
You can plan days, months, events in advance by clicking and dragging photos! Seems like it could help take the 'what shall I wear' stress out of the mornings. So I'm thinking I will give it a go, just as soon as I've logged all of my clothes.....

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