Friday, 1 January 2016

Welcome....... Put on a frock and join in!

Who knew 2016 was the 'year of the frock'? Yeah me neither  but it totally is...........well for me anyway! 

As many of you know I own a vintage clothing boutique ( vintage) selling  a range of vintage inspired dresses (often referred to as 'repro') and genuine vintage clothing. Day in day out I meet ladies who put on a dress and feel fabulous! It got me thinking about my own wardrobe and how it had become 'sectioned'.
 One section was my fabulous, favourite, (mainly) vintage dresses. I loved this section of my wardrobe! It was a joy to browse the rails and choose a dress! Wearing them made me feel feminine, confident and happy! 
Section two was a jumble of baggy jumpers, cardi's, ill fitting trousers, jeans of various fit- bootcut, skinny,slim,etc and leggings 😱. None of these items made me feel good or feel like me. I wore them on days when I 'just couldn't be bothered'. On days I lacked self confidence and self esteem. But why?! Why wear clothing that perpetuated my negative body image?? Us ladies are strange creatures! No no no- 2016 will be a different story! It will be my year of looking fabulous, feeling fantastic and wearing only frocks! Well ok skirts count too but you get it........ 

Follow my journey, share my vintage frock finds, reviews of various repro brands and my charity shop bargains! 

Are you brave enough to join me??? Maybe for the whole year? Maybe just 100 days? Or maybe for 'wear a dress daily in June'...... Who's in? 

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