Saturday, 27 February 2016

Skirt love....

This week I am loving a skirt! When I started this challenge I was nervous about skirts. I was unsure how I would make them work for me...... I think I'm over that now! 

This skirt is from a new range by Lindy Bop- the Ohlson range. We stock this swallow print version- £30 size 8-26. 
I teamed mine with a red petticoat, black twinset and cute red, suede, block heels! 

This is a true vintage, wool, full circle skirt. It's surprisingly heavy! I love the way it hangs and the way it swooshes when I walk! Best part.... I found it in a charity shop on the £1 rail! Again it's teamed with a black jersey top, keeping the top half simple and the skirt as the statement! 

Tricked you! This is infact a dress! The Lindy Bop Ophelia! But by wearing a navy cardi buttoned up and a bow belt it creates the illusion of a skirt and top. I've put a petticoat underneath for a more dramatic effect. Plus it helps narrow my waistline, making me look slimmer- bonus! 

I'm two months into my challenge now and feel like I've really got into it! I'm loving the new found confidence I have. Also loving finding new dresses to try out so feel free to recommend away!  Ssshh just don't tell my hubby! 

Next month I will be on the hunt for great jewellery to team with my dresses... Any tips??? 


  1. I'm so glad you've discovered the love of the skirt!

  2. You look fab in all three, especially the Vintage one. I love pleats.

  3. Thanks Ladies! Keep a look out for more skirts!