Thursday, 16 June 2016

A hint of summer??!

Summer keeps teasing us by showing us a glimpse of her hit, balmy days! But as quick as she appears, her warmth turns to moisture and it's raining again! 

As a result only a small clutch of my summer frockage has had an outing! I'm not impressed. I have 4 new skirts- all summer prints/colours and 4 sun dresses. I had hoped to have debuted them all by now for your perusal! 

So today's update bares only a scant few! But how cute are the skirts? The gingham blue and the pink foxy are both Hell Bunny. I'm so in love with them both! I'm hoping to much more wear out of them before the season changes. 
My 'Fiji' print sun dress is also Hell Bunny and is a firm favourite. I love the shape it gives me! The 'v' neck and back is so flattering. 

I was hoping to be sharing with you my pick of cute vintage inspired sandals but the weather just hasn't been right! I've opted for sneaks- fake converse! I have quite a few pairs now in a rainbow of colours! 

I'm also becoming a small bit addicted to 60's style plastic and Bakelite beads! Keep an eye on my Instagram to watch the collection grow- vjvintagetreasures 

Chat soon! 

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